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Staying up-to-date on your biannual dental cleanings can provide much more than a beautiful smile. Our routine check-ups are designed to help prevent dental issues from developing down the line, address any bacteria buildup or tooth decay, detect bite alignment concerns, oral disease, and other oral issues, as well as teach healthy oral hygiene habits. A hygienist will also be assigned to you at this time to clean and polish your teeth, ensuring excellent gum health.


When you arrive, we will begin with an oral examination, which will allow us to detect any developing problems before they become larger issues. We utilize state-of-the-art digital X-rays, which can provide greater speed, comfort, safety, and efficacy than traditional methods that use film and require exposure to significantly higher levels of radiation. Like all cancer, oral cancer presents a serious risk for individuals of all backgrounds and ages. All of our oral exams include cancer screenings to look for the early-signs of oral cancer. Call today and schedule a complete oral exam with our doctors.

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