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Mini Dental Implants: Changing Ways In Implant Dentistry

Traditional implants dominate the world of implant dentistry for a long time since its first use in 1965. Since then, dentists start to replace missing teeth using metal posts that are placed into their patients’ jaw bone through surgery. They use titanium in making two-piece implants that act as artificial roots of the [...]

2019-10-04T17:12:42+00:00 October 5th, 2019|Dental Care, General Dentistry|0 Comments

Zirconia And Titanium Dental Implants: Recommended Teeth Replacements

Implant dentistry has long-term success in restoring patients’ lost teeth and giving them the chance to enjoy the quality of life. Having dental implants allow them to enjoy eating any kind of food they want without worry. Also, they are more comfortable and confident when they talk and laugh their hearts out. More [...]

2019-09-26T15:40:55+00:00 September 28th, 2019|Dental Care, General Dentistry|0 Comments

The Different Stages Of A Tooth Implant Procedure

A dental implant is a ceramic or metal screw that is placed into the patient’s jawbone via surgery. It acts as artificial roots to the dental restoration such as denture or crown after a successful tooth implant procedure. A dental implant specialist in London, Ontario does this treatment to permanently replace a missing [...]

The 5 Benefits Of Invisalign Braces In Ontario

Invisalign braces are a set of clear aligners made to close teeth gaps and fix crooked or misaligned teeth. Unlike metal braces, these aligners look like dental guards that snugly fit into the patient’s teeth. Furthermore, they gently move and position the patient’s teeth without using annoying wires. Actually, they are made from [...]

Best Practices In Caring For Your Partial Plate Dentures

Missing tooth should not be ignored. After all, there are endless missing tooth replacements that your dentist would be eager to discuss with you. One of these options are partial plate dentures. They are removable missing teeth replacements that are attached to gum-colored bases. More often, dentists use a metal framework to connect [...]

Ceramic Dental Braces: An Alternative To Straighten Your Teeth

When you think about orthodontic treatment, the first thing that comes to mind are metal braces. However, orthodontists have found a discreet way to straighten your teeth through ceramic dental braces. These braces are made similarly with the traditional ones only that the clear brackets are made of ceramic or porcelain. With these [...]


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