Dental Health: Buck Teeth Causes And Treatment

Malocclusion commonly happens to patients who have developed mannerisms. It can also happen to anyone due to his medical history. Buck teeth causes need improvement to prevent dental issues such as the following:

  • Speech impediments. Due to the gaps and protrusion of the teeth and lips, a patient can suffer lisping. This is the condition where someone can’t properly pronounce words with letters such as S, R, V or T.    
  • Chewing defect. At London Ontario Dental Clinic, dentists help patients correct their buck teeth because they can’t eat correctly.   
  • Sleep apnea. The buck teeth itself is not the main cause for this sleeping condition. However, most patients with buck teeth, causes crowded teeth and smaller jaw size that limits airway passage.  

Causes of buck teeth

  1. A patient’s genetic material can affect the way his teeth structure may turn out. If most of his ascendants have buck teeth, he’s likely going to inherit it according to the London Ontario Dental Clinic.
  2. Sometimes, natural large teeth can be mistaken as buck teeth. It appears protruding and has wide spaces that they look like overbites.
  3. Thumb-sucking and pacifier use causes problems if the child continues the habit after he has permanent teeth.
  4. Tongue thrusting. This is one of the buck teeth causes that forces the teeth to arch forward and misalign.
  5. Jaw clenching and teeth grinding. When these conditions became habitual, it gradually fractures the teeth or causes it to protrude.


  • Braces or aligners – are effective ways to treat buck teeth and other misalignment issues. These dental devices have the ability to correct the teeth with their mechanism.
  • Oral maxillofacial surgery – is another treatment option available at the London Ontario Dental Clinic. This treats serious buck teeth cases that involve skeletal structure.

Don’t delay for another time to fix those awkward buck teeth, book for a dental appointment now.

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