Proper Ways Of Caring For Your Full And Partial Plate Dentures

Your dental appliances such as full or partial plate dentures need proper care and maintenance. Your artificial teeth go through wear and tear as much as your natural teeth. It’s important to know the different dental services you can avail of when your dentures need some tender loving care.

Dental services in caring for your complete or partial plate dentures

Denture repair

Full or partial denture repair is necessary when your dentures are fractured or broken. Don’t be surprised when it happens because the materials in which your dentures are made of are susceptible to damages.

One of the common causes of damage is when your dentures are poorly aligned. When you eat with your dentures, you apply chewing and biting forces that cause mini fractures on the denture material. For example, when the lower and upper set of dentures are not aligned, there’s too much pressure on one side. Over time, this leads to a large crack on your complete or partial plate dentures that cannot be ignored.

Another cause of denture damage is when the material itself is broken after you accidentally drop your dentures. The impact causes the material to break; that’s why you have to be extra careful when handling your artificial teeth. Follow your dentist’s instructions when you’re removing your partial dentures so you won’t need a partial denture repair anytime soon.

partial denture repair

Same-day denture reline

As the name suggests, a denture reline means that your dentures need a new lining. This is necessary so your dental prosthesis properly fit into your mouth again. The density of your gum tissues changes over time after you lost some or most of your teeth. Ideally, you need denture relining every two years, whether you’re wearing complete or partial plate dentures. You don’t have to go back and forth to your dentist’s office since he completes this process in one appointment.

In any case that your dentures are damaged, ill-fitting or need relining, please don’t do it by yourself. Your dentist is highly trained to effectively perform complete and partial denture repair and reline. These are also included in the dental services in London, Ontario. Visit your nearest clinic today and have your dentures checked.  

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