How To Get Your Child Ready Before A Tooth Extraction

Your kid is braver than you might think. It’s just sometimes, parents are more scared than their children when seeing the dentist. Especially with tooth extraction, it’s possible for children to refuse and even break down than be on the dentist’s chair. However, you need to relax and also educate your kid why it needs to be done. Furthermore, removing a tooth becomes necessary due to some factors.

Why is tooth extraction necessary?

Dentists aim to save a tooth or at least most of its structure. Nevertheless, here are the common dental cases that would urge a dentist to remove the tooth.

  • Badly decayed or infected teeth. Most teeth infection can easily be fixed with root canal or filling. However, if the disease is already risking the other teeth, dentists will remove it. A special tooth extraction aftercare is necessary if the affected teeth are in a position that’s difficult to clean. Without extra precaution, the neighboring tooth will be a hideout for disease-causing bacteria.
  • Tooth that is badly damaged. A tooth may break due to serious dental trauma and cavities. If most of the teeth form is gone, dental crowns and bridges no longer work on the broken tooth. Considering this, the dentist will recommend tooth removal. Once the tooth is missing, it’s easier to replace it with dental prosthetics.
  • Overcrowded teeth. This is a common dental case scenario among children due to irregular teeth size and jaw growth. The only treatment for this is tooth extraction. You may also opt for an orthodontic treatment to straighten his teeth when your kid is at 10 years old. However, this treatment option won’t prevent gum diseases and hiding cavities.

Now that you understand that removing a tooth can be your best option, share this information with your kids. You can also try these tips in convincing and preparing your kid for the dental procedure.

Preparations before the dental trip

1.Talk about the procedure. Most patients fear what they don’t know making it the primary cause of dental anxiety. For this reason, you have to give your child an idea what happens during the dental procedure. It’s also essential to discuss why it’s needed and how tooth extraction aftercare will make everything better. Tell them that there’s no need to worry about tooth extraction pain as the dentists provide anti-anxiety medication.

2.Learn from videos or books. There are websites that show kid-friendly or animated videos about tooth removal. These involve cartoon images and child language so kids can easily understand what’s happening. This is a good visual presentation to give your child a sense of assurance.

3.Listen to soothing music. It would be a good idea to calm down your kid hours before the dental appointment. Try to put on a piece of classical music or a lively one during the car ride. In fact, music therapy is a proven method in relaxing emotional tension.

4.Let your kid interact with others who have experienced the dental procedure. It would make your kid comfortable knowing that other children also had a tooth extraction. If you find a friend’s lad with good experiences about his dental visit, let him share it with your kid.  

5.Interaction with the dentist. Give your child an initial encounter with the dentists and staff at the dental clinic. It helps to let them experience how friendly and comfortable the environment is. Furthermore, this will get rid of the anxiety even before the treatment day.

6.Give them some treats. Some patients can still remember how their parents convinced them to go to the dentist. Mostly share that they’re excited not on the dental visit, but the trip after it. The truth is, they’re thrilled to go to the ice cream shop to relieve the sores as a tooth extraction aftercare. Furthermore, sucking on freezer pops and flavored ice are great soothing methods after the treatment.

Ensure that your kids will have a comfortable and painless tooth extraction in London Ontario.

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