Dentists For Kids

Dentists For Kids

Kids' Dentist In South Wenige Drive- Stoney Creek Family Dental Clinic

Pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health care of children from birth to adolescence. These dentists have an added two years of training focusing on kids’ behavior and their dental development. There’s a kids’ dentist in South Wenige Drive that caters to your child’s dental needs.  If you are looking for a dentist open on Saturdays, visit Stoney Creek Family Dental.

Your baby’s teeth are important from the time their milk teeth start to show. If their milk teeth are neglected, they may have problems with chewing or eating. It may also cause a problem having adequate space for their permanent teeth and development of their jaw bones. Taking care of their primary teeth is also important to avoid any difficulty in speech as they grow.

How will a kids’ dentist in South Wenige Drive be beneficial to your children’s oral health?

  1. Address perinatal and infant oral health – Pregnant mothers who have periodontitis may have increased risk of low weight and preterm birth. They can also pass cavity-causing bacteria to their kids. Aside from regular dental visits, pregnant mothers should maintain a well-balanced diet with reduced sugar and starch intake. Due to busy schedules, you may need to find a dentist open on Saturdays to address your perinatal oral concerns.
  2. Awareness about bruxism – It is characterized by the noise created by grinding of the teeth. It does not usually require a treatment. However, for excessive grinding of the teeth, a mouthguard may be prescribed.
  3. How to stop thumbsucking – Children often find comfort in thumbsucking especially when anxious. The best remedy for this is for parents to make them feel secure and pediatric dentists explain what may happen if they don’t stop.
  4. Educate parents about pulp therapy – The pulp is a soft tissue located inside the tooth and under the enamel. It focuses on maintaining the function of a damaged tooth to keep from being extracted.

You can book an appointment with a kids’ dentist in South Wenige Drive. Stoney Creek Family Dental has a dentist open on Saturdays to take care of your kids’ dental needs.




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