Speed Up Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery In 4 Steps

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that come out located at the rear end of the mouth. Ideally, a wisdom tooth comes out when the patient is at the age of 17 to 25. However, when his mouth does not have enough room, it could come out partially or in an awkward position. This case is called an impacted wisdom tooth, and the dentist recommends a wisdom tooth extraction. Otherwise, the patient will soon experience dental problems such as infection and dental pain. Although this procedure is common, however, patients need to speed up their wisdom tooth extraction recovery that usually takes two weeks. This way, they can prevent any complications that might derail them from getting back to their regular routine sooner. 

Steps to speed up wisdom tooth extraction recovery

One of the expected outcomes after the procedure is wisdom tooth extraction pain. This happens shortly after the effect of local anesthesia wears off. Although it is part of the healing process, yet, there are five steps that patients need to do for a speedy recovery. 

Allow a blood clot to form within 24 hours. 

Blood clot formation on the surgical site is essential to start the healing process. It prevents bleeding, protects the exposed bone and surgical wound from being infected, and allows the growth of new tissue. Patients should heed their dentist’s advice and do the following steps within 24 hours to avoid delaying wisdom tooth extraction recovery.

  • Avoid brushing near the extraction site. 
  • Don’t forcefully rinse the mouth.
  • Skip on drinking hot coffee, milk, or tea. 
  • Go on a soft diet. 
  • Don’t smoke, drink alcohol, and use a drinking straw. 

Control the bleeding.

Bleeding might still be present within 24 hours especially if a blood clot has not formed yet. That’s why patients need to control the bleeding by placing a gauze pad on the surgical site and put pressure on it. Make sure the hand that’s touching the gauze pad is clean to avoid any infection. Alternatively, applying an ice pack near the area also minimizes swelling and helps them manage wisdom tooth extraction pain.

Keep the surgical wound clean at all times. 

After 24 hours past the surgical procedure, the extraction site must be bacteria-free. Hence, it’s strongly recommended that patients rinse their mouth with an oral antiseptic thereafter. They just have to be careful not to dislodge the blood clot forming on the wound. A mix of warm water and salt is another alternative to keep the wound clean during the wisdom tooth extraction recovery period. 

Take the prescribed medication.

Patients also need to take the prescriptions given by their dentists to speed up their recovery. It’s necessary to take painkillers to help them manage tooth extraction pain. There are also some antibiotics they need to aid in healing the surgical site. 

Now that you know the workaround to speed up recovery, today might be your time to undergo wisdom tooth extraction in London, Ontario.

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