Self-Care Tips After Orthodontic Treatment

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Self-Care Tips After Orthodontic Treatment

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Braces are a great investment to align crooked teeth correctly. To keep wearing that proud smile, after orthodontic treatment care should also be done to ensure that your braces remain in tip-top shape throughout the entire treatment period.

Although there are plenty of orthodontic care tips over the web, nothing beats consulting the dentists at the South Wenige Drive dental office. The clinic ensures that you will surely get the satisfaction you expect from this treatment.

The following self-care tips are helpful for patients with braces:

Brushing teeth with braces

Braces make brushing slightly wearisome because it involves careful consideration of the type of toothbrush to be used. After orthodontic treatment, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and exert less force when brushing.  Brushing lightly avoids damaging the wires of your braces and sticking food residues.

Consider using a fluoride toothpaste.  Fluoride shields your teeth from decay especially when you have fixed and wired braces.

Foods to avoid

Another way to maintain the brace’s form and function is to avoid eating hard and sticky foods. Peanuts, biscuits, gums and chewy candies are highly discouraged as these cause damage to the braces by either getting stuck in between brackets or bend the wires.

Aside from food, some habits also need to go. If you keep biting your nails or poking the wires with a toothpick, these will damage your braces. Immediately go to South Wenige Drive dental office when you notice that one of the wires have been bent, broken or misaligned.

Avoid food that may hurt the teeth

Often, we don’t realize that we eat foods that are harmful to our teeth. It may seem deceiving because some of these harmful foods come in the form of fruits such as apples and oranges. These have high acidity levels. These citric foods are not good after orthodontic treatment as they can break the tooth. Drink lots of water to keep flushing bad food elements.

Without a doubt, braces are quite a handful to maintain, but the dentists’ help at the  South Wenige Drive dental office, having braces seem like a breeze.




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