Dental Veneers: Excellent Way To Hide The Flaws Of Your Teeth

If you want to experience a smile makeover and hide the flaws of your teeth, choose dental veneers. These are thin dental shells fitted on your teeth’s front surface to cover malformed or damaged teeth. Cosmetic dentists usually recommend veneers to patients with gapped, broken, and discolored teeth. Patients can choose ceramic or porcelain for their cosmetic teeth veneers in restoring the appearance of their imperfect teeth.  

These are becoming more popular to patients who want to improve their smile. However, there’s more to veneers than just having a Hollywood smile.

Why choose porcelain dental veneers?

It’s a durable alternative for tooth restoration.

Aside from producing a natural aesthetic look, dental veneers made of porcelain are durable and last up to 30 years. The longevity of your veneers could extend, depending on how well you maintain them.

Porcelain veneers resist stains.

The porcelain teeth veneers are also non-porous, so they resist stains. No wonder patients can opt for this treatment after their laser teeth whitening for lasting whiter teeth.

Porcelain materials are favorable to gum tissues.

The coverings of your teeth could irritate your gums. That’s why porcelain cosmetic teeth veneers are highly recommended because your gum tissues tolerate porcelain materials well. In effect, your gums will not sore throughout the cosmetic treatment.

Traditional versus same-day veneers

porcelain dental veneers

Traditionally, dentists schedule two appointments with their patients for the application of dental veneers. During the first visit, they examine and determine the number of teeth that will receive veneers. Then, they shave off the teeth to prepare them for the dental shells before taking an impression of the teeth. They send the impressions to a dental laboratory to fabricate veneers in about two weeks. They schedule a second visit with the patient once the final veneers are ready.

Today, more dental clinics make use of advanced technology in making veneers and applying them in one appointment. Dental practitioners take digital impressions of the teeth and send them to a machine that will craft the final veneers. Once ready, cosmetic teeth veneers are temporarily placed on the teeth’s surface to check the fitting, shape and color. At this stage, adjustments are made to ensure the veneers’ shape and color match with the natural teeth. Then, the dental shells are bonded once the patient is satisfied with how the veneers blend with his natural teeth. The patient’s desired cosmetic treatment is achieved only in a day. That’s fantastic!

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