Experience Better Orthodontic Treatment With Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces


Dentists always find better ways to deliver their dental services and treatment to their patients. In orthodontics, teeth alignment is one of the leading causes why patients seek for treatment. Since traditional braces came in the picture, many patients gained better smiles. Then ceramic braces were introduced so that orthodontic patients would no longer use metal brackets. Then again, it doesn’t stop. There’s self-ligating braces for a better orthodontic treatment that’s time-efficient.

What are self-ligating ceramic braces?

Self-ligating braces are attached in the same manner as traditional braces. The main difference is that there are no ligatures or elastic bands needed to push the teeth into the right direction. The self-ligating clear ceramic braces use special types of clips or brackets so the archwires move the teeth. The special brackets allow the teeth to move freely, thereby reducing patient’s discomfort as opposed to having traditional orthodontic bands. Furthermore, patients have less chair-time because these brackets only need minor adjustments during dental visits.   

Types of self-ligating ceramic braces

Passive brackets

The orthodontist uses this type of bracket during the initial phase of the treatment. These are paired with thinner archwires which create less friction, allowing the patient’s teeth to move with more freedom. Less friction means the patient feels less discomfort at the onset of self-ligating ceramic braces treatment.

Active brackets

Meanwhile, the orthodontist uses active brackets with thicker archwires as the treatment progresses and cause teeth movement more efficiently. The thicker archwires will add more pressure to the teeth so they move based on the orthodontist’s treatment plan.

Benefits of self-ligating ceramic braces

Less noticeable appearance

The self-ligating clear ceramic braces are smaller, compared to traditional metal brackets. Hence, they create a more subtle appearance, and patients don’t have to feel conscious during the treatment.

Promotes better oral hygiene

Dental hygiene

The elastic bands used in traditional braces trap food particles that may cause plaque formation. This is one of the leading causes of white spots forming on the patient’s teeth even after the orthodontic treatment. With self-ligating braces, the patient is able to clean his teeth better without these elastic bands. Less food traps lead to less chances of plaque buildup and cleaner ceramic braces. Yet, patients are still encouraged to practice great oral habits.

Fewer dental visits

Orthodontists only need to make a few adjustments when working on self-ligating type of braces. In effect, the patients only have few visits to their orthodontists. Also, this means that patients have a more comfortable experience all throughout the dental treatment.

Clear ceramic braces are becoming more popular to patients who need teeth alignment. Aside from their subtle appearance, they also offer more convenience and comfort to patients. To ensure that you’re getting the best orthodontic treatment, ask for your dentist’s advice first. The self-ligating ceramic braces in London, Ontario are one of the best options you have.

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