5 Best Kiddie Foods To Eat After A Tooth Extraction

For most kids, summer is the best time to undergo a tooth extraction. They’re on vacation so they won’t have to miss any school days after they had their wisdom tooth pulled out. However, once you’ve scheduled his dental appointment, you might start planning on your child’s diet after the visit.

Although he’s only allowed to have soft and comfortable to chew, you still need to distinguish those foods that’ll give him enough nourishment during his recovery. So, here are a few soft food ideas to give him after your child undergoes a wisdom tooth extraction.

Foods to eat after a tooth extraction

Blended soups

Blended soups come in various recipes that your child can eat while he’s still recovering from his tooth extraction in London, Ontario. They’re easy to consume, and the recipe also doesn’t contain food bits that may irritate the extraction site. Moreover, soups are a great source of vitamins and minerals which helps your child meet his dietary needs. This type of meal is perfect, especially since he’s still recovering from his tooth extraction.

What makes blended soups great is that they’ll also keep him hydrated even after the procedure. It’s best to prepare the soup while it’s lukewarm or cold to prevent any irritation. Also, ensure that your vegetable-based soup is smooth so there won’t be any food chunks so it’s easy for him to swallow.

Ice cream

If there’s something that kids would like about wisdom tooth extraction is that they’re allowed to eat ice cream. Unless your child has sensitive teeth, ice cream is a must for anyone who had the same procedure, especially if it’s summer. It’s not just a sweet treat, it also helps cut the swelling because of its cold temperature.

However, you need to choose the right ice cream with care. Go for a soft serve ice cream after the tooth extraction since it wouldn’t require much action on the jaw. Meanwhile, you may want to avoid mix-in flavors or those solid sprinkles that you put on top of the ice cream.



Like soup, broths are also an excellent source of nutrients after undergoing a dental procedure. Most broths contain various vitamins and minerals which helps your body recover faster. Moreover, consuming these types of concoctions will keep your child hydrated, too.

It’s best to prepare bone broth during the first few days of his wisdom tooth extraction recovery. Ensure that you prepare it ahead and serve him at lukewarm temperature so your child can eat it right away.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a nutritious food rich in protein that your child may also consume after the extraction surgery. It has a smooth and delicate feature which helps numb the extracted area. Even more, it’s also rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals which aid in speeding up the recovery process. Also, it contains a high amount of zinc which helps support wound healing.

Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are the easiest to prepare and one of the most recommended foods to eat after undergoing a wisdom tooth extraction. It’s a great source of protein and is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Go for an easy-over. You may also want it poached or boiled as variation for his next meal. When you’re buying eggs, check the label if these are pasteurized to keep him away from food borne diseases.

Undergoing a dental extraction doesn’t mean that your child will have to starve until he has fully recovered. Although his food options are only limited, other meals may be eaten without any problems. Ask your dentist for more tips on what food to eat during his recovery period.

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