6 Alarming Signs That You Absolutely Need Dental Implants

Wearing dentures is sometimes a hassle. Not only do you have to worry about slippage, yet you must also deal with messy denture adhesives, too. Although dental implants are an excellent alternative, you’re still unsure if it’s the right way to go. Conversely, how can you tell that you need to go through these restorative treatments to solve your dental concerns?

Primary signs that you need dental implants

You’re missing a tooth.

If you’re missing a tooth, or worse, several teeth, then having titanium dental implants will solve your problem. These dental prosthetics provide an alternative solution to your teeth gaps. A dental implant has a unique design meant to fill the space between your existing tooth. Not only does it look natural, yet, it also has similar functions like a natural tooth.

You’re experiencing bone loss.

Did you know that osteoporosis also affects tooth loss? It’s a health condition that affects your bones, causing it to become less dense and susceptible to fracture. Once the bone in the jaw becomes less dense, tooth loss may occur. Fortunately, having dental implants in London, Ontario helps prevent it from happening. You see, experts use titanium to produce the artificial tooth root that’s implanted in the patient’s jaw bones. Titanium bonds to the bone tissues in a process called osseointegration because of the metal’s composition.This bonding process helps promote jaw bone growth which halts any chances of bone deterioration.

Your face appears sunken.

Most denture-wearing patients often suffer from a caved-in look due to their deteriorating bone health as they grow old. Since dentures do not promote any bone growth like what implants do, the jaw bone continues to degenerate over time. Thus, resulting in a caved-in or sunken appearance. The good news is that you can prevent this by choosing dental implants over dentures as replacement to your missing tooth.

dental implants

Diseased tooth is beyond saving.

Your teeth may be severely damaged as the years’ pass. Certain conditions such as teeth grinding, TMJ issues and other dental issues may have affected your teeth, causing it to be damaged over time.

So, if you notice anything that’s entirely not right with one of your teeth, then it’s best to visit a dental implant clinic. Although an implant won’t automatically be the first choice, your dentist will do his best to treat your cavity. On the other hand, there are times when a severely infected tooth is already beyond saving. At times like this, your dentist may tell you that tooth extraction is necessary. More often, dentists suggest that their patients choose titanium dental implants in restoring missing teeth.

You have loose-fitting dentures or partials.

Having loose-fitting dentures is difficult, primarily if you must deal with it every day. You always worry about your dentures becoming loose or that it might fall off while you’re eating or talking in public. Fortunately, you can choose dental implants as an alternative solution. Replacing your dentures with implants will help you regain your tooth function while helping you regain your confidence.

You have a severely cracked or broken tooth.

There are many ways to fix a cracked or broken tooth. However, certain damages need a more serious approach. Your dentist will need to check your compromised tooth in order to recommend an appropriate treatment. For most dentists, the goal is to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. However, if the tooth is already beyond repair, then the only option is to extract it and replace it with an implant. Once he has placed the implant, it’ll look as if you didn’t have anything removed.

If you’re suffering from any of these problems, then it’s best to see a dental implant specialist to discuss about it. If you’re one of the patients who’s allergic to metals, titanium dental implants may not be an option for you. Ask your dentist about ceramic implants so he can effectively resolve your dental concern without compromising your health and safety.

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