5 Common Root Canal Therapy Myths Finally Exposed

Root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded dental procedures that patients don’t want to go through. Even hearing about it makes them quiver with fear as they step inside their dentist’s office. Many of them imagine drills piercing through their teeth for hours until all that’s left of them is that numbing pain after the procedure. Thankfully, a tooth root canal is a straightforward procedure that’s far from the nightmares that you may have heard from others. Conversely, what exactly is a root canal procedure and why does it strike fear on most patients?

How root canal therapy works

It’s a procedure done to save a severely infected tooth. A dentist performs this treatment to help get rid of the bacteria as well as the infected tooth pulp from inside the tooth. The dentist usually recommends the root canal therapy when there’s an infection deep within the crevices of the tooth. The infection may have been a result of a severe injury or an untreated cavity. If things get bad, the infection may even become too harsh that it leaves the dentist with no other option but to perform a tooth extraction.

Most treatments these days use modern techniques to help reduce the pain and make the entire procedure comfortable. With all the recent advancements in dentistry, there are still a few patients who hold a few misconceptions about it. To better understand each of them, here are a few root canal procedure myths and the truth that lies in each of them.

Common root canal therapy misconceptions

You’d be better off with a tooth extraction.

When patients feel intimidated to go through a root canal therapy, they would rather opt for  a tooth extraction. They think that it’s a better choice; however, choosing the right procedure isn’t as simple as it seems. As much as possible, your dentist aims to preserve your natural tooth. Aside from its hefty price, no replacement option functions just the same as your natural teeth.

It’s a harrowing treatment.

root canal procedure

A part of the population often describes a procedure as one of the most painful dental treatments that anyone may experience. That’s why fearful patients try their best to avoid the method at all costs. Although the root canal surgery was quite a painful procedure in the past, modern advancements have made it tolerable. Now, more dental clinics make use of laser dentistry into their practice and in performing this therapy for a painless procedure. In truth, patients won’t feel much of a discomfort. Instead, it helps relieve the patient from tooth pain. Say goodbye to the drilling noise, and say hello to a speedy recovery.

You only need it when you’re in pain.

Most patients believe that they only need a root canal treatment once they’ve experienced a severe toothache. However, pain isn’t always a requirement for a patient to undergo a root canal therapy in London, Ontario. There are times that the patient no longer feels any sensation because the nerve inside the tooth is already unresponsive. He still must go through the treatment to prevent the dead tooth from infecting the rest of your teeth. That’s why you shouldn’t use pain as a gauge that you need to undergo a dental treatment.

It doesn’t provide any permanent solution.

Contrary to this belief, the benefits of a root canal procedure last longer compared to other dental treatments. When the dentist finally seals the treated tooth with a crown, the tooth may last indefinitely, depending on how you manage your oral health.

These are only a few of the most common myths that you need to learn about treatment. Always remember that the best way to battle dental related anxiety is by increasing your awareness of all the facts around it. If you’d like to know more about the procedure, then it’s best to call your dentist about it.

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