How Root Canal Treatment Ends Dental Pain

Dental pain, also known as a toothache, is common to anyone. Sometimes, patients suspect a simple sensitivity after eating ice cream or drinking coffee. However, in some cases, it could be something worse like a tooth infection. When this happens, dentists recommend a root canal therapy to treat the pain.

On the other hand, some patients find the root canal associated with more discomfort. In effect, they resort to other dental treatment options. One recourse to dental pain is tooth extraction.  

Tooth extraction

There are plenty of factors why dentists need to remove a tooth. Most often than not, the teeth should be badly damaged to the roots to require extraction. Compared to a root canal procedure, tooth removal is painless and faster. Furthermore, the dental pain is gone after the treatment. On the contrary, dentists won’t suggest tooth extraction when they know that they can still save the tooth.

Why you need root canal treatment to save your teeth from extraction?

Here are the three main reasons why your dentist recommends this dental treatment rather than tooth extraction.

  1. It’s important to save your natural teeth structure. Nothing functions and feels good like your natural teeth. Bridgeworks and dental crowns may replicate a real tooth, however, it won’t feel right in your mouth. If you need to choose between tooth extraction or root canal therapy, opt for the latter. It will save and restore the aesthetics of your natural tooth and its functionality.
  2. It prevents further dental problems. With your tooth gone, you’re risking your other teeth to shift due to the gap. This leads to teeth and jaw malformation and its therapy is more complex than a root canal procedure. Malocclusion treatment is rather costly and takes many years to be completed.
  3. This procedure lets you save on your dental bills. As mentioned, more dental problems mean more expenses. Deciding to save your teeth and acting on it now will give you more benefits than more oral health issues.

Root canal treatment

Now that you’ve learned how essential it is to keep your original teeth, it’s time to understand how root canal treatment works.

A tooth may get infected or decayed due to bad oral hygiene practices and non-limit in acidic foods. Examples of these foods are chocolates, candies, and even fruits like apples.

Moreover, patients who are active in sports are also at risk of a root canal infection. Basketball and rugby are activities that involve physical contact. Mostly, some players meet accidents and get dental trauma resulting into tooth disease.

How root canal treats dental pain

The dentist easily fixes dental pain with this root canal procedure.

  • Firstly, the dentist ensures that the patient wouldn’t feel pain and applies anesthesia on the affected tooth.
  • Once the area numbs, the dentist uses his dental tool to access the tooth and locate the infection. The disease lies in the chamber of the tooth where the tooth pulp and roots are.
  • Next, he removes the infection or it will continue to cause pain and contaminate the other teeth.
  • After that, he proceeds to remove the dead tissues and flushes them away with water.
  • Finally, he disinfects the chamber and makes sure it’s properly sealed by placing a permanent filling.

Know how a root canal therapy in London Ontario works for your dental pain. Start the year by getting rid of that tooth decay when you visit your dentist.

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