7 Awesome Gift Ideas For First Time Invisalign Users

Every day is a season of giving! Holidays may be over but there’s always a reason to make someone happy. While it’s common to give your friend or relative something that they really wanted, why not give something they need?

Invisalign treatment needs an aftercare routine to ensure progress and success. Moreover, it requires cleaning products to maintain the teeth and aligner trays. If your friend or sibling just got their new invisible braces, these items would be perfect for them.

Useful products for Invisalign users

1.Dental wax

A while after they order Invisalign from the dentist, your friend might notice mouth sores. Although Invisalign is comfier than braces, this custom-made appliance isn’t natural to the mouth. It tends to be slightly loose, tight or has bumpy surfaces that may irritate the gums. It would be easy to resolve sores using a dental wax. Just knead a pinch and place it on the bulk surface of the clear aligner for immediate relief.  

2.Aligner retrieval tools

Once beginners have their new Invisalign, they will realize that it won’t be easy to remove them. Some nail-art lovers say that you have to forget about nail polish if you have aligners. Since it snugly fits on the teeth, it requires techniques just to wear it off. Fortunately, there are aligner retrieval tools. These products look like crochet hooks made of plastic materials to safely remove the dental appliance.

3.Invisalign chewies

When you order Invisalign, you must be aware that it needs regular adjustments to fit in the mouth. Since you have to remove it when you eat or clean your teeth, you should return it properly. Invisalign chewies are the answers to this. These are tiny sponge rolls that you have to bite down after wearing aligners. Move and bite them around in your mouth at least 3 to 4 minutes. Doing this will help you push the trays in its best position.

4.Floss picks

Who wouldn’t need floss picks? Patients who wear new Invisalign braces need floss picks to constantly keep the teeth free from food residues. When you don’t floss, it’s possible to smile with strands of food stuck in your teeth. Just imagine if chocolate smudge becomes trapped inside your aligners. Embarrassing! Go ahead and include this item in your gift box.

5.Travel kit

It’s probably the most important tool for an orthodontic patient. Dental braces and aligners need a consistent oral hygiene routine. Suffice to say, patients must always be ready to take out their kits and clean their teeth wherever they may be. A compact travel kit or oral hygiene pouch is perfect to store all dental necessities. It includes a compartment for your used trays and another for your cleaning tools.  

6.Cleansing sprays and towelettes

When patients order Invisalign from their dentists, it may not come with dental cleaning kits. If you’re looking for one to give to your best friend, consider cleansing sprays and towelettes. These are best to use on-the-go, especially in a place without restrooms or sinks.

7.Mini disposable toothbrushes

Next to Invisalign, another fantastic invention is the mini toothbrush. It’s tiny, minty, and disposable making it possible to clean your teeth surfaces anytime and anywhere. You just remove your clear aligners and brush your teeth normally. This time, you wouldn’t need toothpaste and mouthwash as it’s all in this little product.

Pretty sure you’ve gained a lot of ideas to give one of these dental necessities to your loved ones. Another way to take your gift to the next level is to surprise them with an Invisalign treatment at London Ontario.

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