London Dentist: How Long Does Dental Bonding Last on Front Teeth?

It’s obvious that a perfect smile is what makes a great impression. But in certain cases, cosmetic dental procedures may be needed to help gain that smile that one needs. Dental bonding is just one example that can help covert a person’s smile.

Prior to taking part in this procedure, it’s imperative to consider how long dental bonding will last on front teeth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding London Ontario is a process consisting of a composite resin is directly applied to teeth that have been physically damaged such as chipping, fracture, or teeth that have been so badly discolored that even teeth whitening may be deemed ineffective.

The resin being utilized has the same color as that of a human tooth, which makes it easy to blend in with the rest of a person’s teeth.

Length of Procedure

The time required for bonding teeth may depend on numerous factors. In a typical scenario, the procedure may take anywhere from half an hour to a full hour. Dental bonding can be done without using anesthesia.


Dental bonding has an average duration of 10 years (or more) when properly looked after. The condition of where the bonding took place plays a critical factor in the bonding’s durability. For instance, making imperfect bites frequently can lessen the lifespan of dental bonding.

Known Advantages

Dental bonding has a number of advantages over other dental procedures. These include:

  • The inability to harm existing healthy tooth content.
  • Completion of the procedure in a single dental visit.
  • Being less expensive compared to other dental procedures.

While dental bonding is a known dental procedure that can help improve a person’s smile, one should take note that every dental problem has a different approach. Talk to a Stoney Creek Family Dental dentist and see if one can benefit from the procedure.

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