London Dentist : Know More About Dental Fillings

In an instance where part of one’s tooth is decayed, cracked, worn out, or broken down, the dentist can offer treatment by means of Dental Fillings London Ontario. This dental practice is considered to be normal and safe. Currently, there are a wide range of fillings available that can be one can discuss with the dentist.


One of the first steps in dental filling is by getting rid of the decayed areas on the tooth. The dentist would apply a local anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling any pain. Depending on the severity of tooth decay, the decayed parts of the tooth can be removed either by an air abrasion instrument or a dental drill.

The decayed area will now be free of bacteria and a dental filling is directly applied. The dental filling, which would have the same shade of color as that of the remaining teeth, are built in layers and hardened via a curing light. The dentist will then get the filling shaped, trimmed, and polished.


Maintaining dental fillings is very much similar to that of how one would normally maintain teeth. Keep in mind to floss daily, visit the dentist regularly, and brush throughout the day using the recommended fluorite toothpaste.

It’s essential for one to visit the dentist as required after getting dental fillings to check for leaks and cracks. If a leak or cracks do happen, saliva trapped from within may cause one’s tooth to decay. The good news is, the dentist can correct this.

Over the years, dentists have proven themselves to experts in the procedures they carry out. A London Dentist will be more than happy to answer any inquiries that one may have regarding dental fillings. Schedule an appointment with the dentist today to know about the benefits about dental fillings.

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