London Dentist :Which Dental Crown Material is Best?

There are a number of reasons why Dental Crowns London Ontario is an ideal option for one’s teeth. Regardless if one wants to restore a broken tooth or masking badly discolored teeth, dental crowns are a great solution for numerous reasons.

There are different materials used for dental crowns today and deciding which one is best can be challenging.

Dental Crown Materials

Some of the most known materials for dental crowns include:

  • Gold

Gold-based dental crowns have been used for a long while now, which isn’t surprising given their durability and the fact that they yield far lesser reactions compared to other metals. A dental crown made from gold is ideal for placement in the back teeth since they can be laid out in a thin layer while keeping things strong.

  • Stainless steel

Dental crowns made from steel are perfect for children since they’re effective in housing baby teeth and has a tendency to grow with them to make room for permanent teeth. Stainless-steel crowns are intended for temporary installations. They’re effective and easy to secure in place.

  • Porcelain

Dental crowns made from porcelain tend to have a life-like appearance. They’re aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It’s one reason why they’re highly sought after. In addition, they do a great job in minimizing temperature sensitivity.

  • Metal

If one is in need of a cheaper option, a metallic-based dental crown is the way to go. While metal lasts longer and has the ability to withstand constant chewing and biting, they’re recommended for back molars.

Not for Everyone

It’s important to understand that there will never be a dental crown material that suits everyone. It’ll come down to one’s reason, timeline, pricing, and previous dental history. Never be afraid to ask a Stoney Creek Family Dental dentist about dental crown materials since they’re there to help choose the best option for one’s needs.

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