Types of Dental Emergencies

There are times you will need to see an emergency dentist London Ontario.

Do remember that emergency dentistry is going to cost you more so if you can wait a day to see the dentist without causing damage to your mouth or teeth you can save some money.

Types of emergencies

Here are some of the types of problems that are considered emergencies that would require a London Ontario dentist;

  • You have a tooth knocked out
  • You have a filling or crown come loose
  • Bleeding teeth or gums that will not stop
  • Extreme pain from an abscess
  • You have a sports related mouth injury that has twisted or turned one or more teeth

What to expect during an emergency appointment

Once you get to the dentist he or she will visually examine your mouth, and then will more than likely also take x-rays. Many dentists now take digital x-rays in London Ontario.

These digital x-rays have some advantages such as;

  • They are instant dentists no longer have to wait for the film to be developed
  • The dentist can zoom in on the digital x-ray in order to show the patient exactly what is wrong
  • There is less radiation used with digital x-rays than in traditional x-rays

After the dentist has determined the exact amount of damage done to your teeth and mouth he or she will explain what needs to be done in order to fix it. If there is more than one way to fix it the dentist will explain them and then tell you which one will provide the best results for you.

Emergency hours

Many dentists are now offering evening and some weekend hours so that they can provide an easier scheduling for their patients.

London Ontario Dental Clinic is open evenings for emergencies and regular appointments.

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