Do Teeth Whitening Treatments Damage Tooth Enamel?

If you are worried about teeth whitening products causing damage to your tooth enamel you should speak to the dentist who does cosmetic dentistry London Ontario.

You should also understand the difference between whitening products that are available.

Remember that as we as so do our teeth and they change color with age. Also, what you drink and eat will also determine how well these products work. If you eat and drink a lot of acidic things such as coffee or red wine or if you have caps or crowns whiteners will not work as well.

Whitening products

When it comes to whitening products in London Ontario as with everywhere else; there are two basic types those that whiten the surface and those that whitening below the surface.

Surface whitening products

Surface whitening products consist of pastes and gels used to brush the teeth such as toothpaste.

These products normally contain an abrasive and when you brush your teeth with them they remove the surface stains.

Below the surface whitening products

These products normally contain some type of bleaching agent such as adhesive strips.

The one the dentist uses will contain a higher amount of bleaching agent than those over the counter strips.

The thing that both of these types of whitening products is that they need to be used in moderation.

If you are obsessed with teeth whiteners Ontario; and are bleaching once a week trying to whiten your teeth more you can do damage to the enamel.

Also, pay attention to how hard you are brushing with pastes that have abrasives in them as this too can damage the enamel.

Speak to your dentist

Before you begin teeth whitening, speak to your London Ontario dentist about what you should use and how it should be used.

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