Family Dentist Vs General Dentist In London

A family dentist and a general dentist in London are almost the same and are sometimes used interchangeably. However, there’s a subtle difference between the two that gives an impact on how you choose your dentist.

The first thing you consider is probably the quality of the service that the dentist provides – and it’s right. Maybe you should also ask if the dentist open on Saturday/s can give dental emergency needs.

Here are some facts to enlighten you and help you decide which dentist is perfect for you and your family.

Family dentist and general dentist comparison

  1. Both types of dentists go through the same education and training. The general dentist in London must have more than 3 years in a pre-dental program and a 4-year degree from dental school. Then, general dentists need to have an extensive training to become practitioners. The family dentist also has the same credentials.
  2. Family dentists offer a huge scope of dentistry services, including dental checkups and routine cleanings. They can also perform more complex dental procedures such as cosmetic and restorative dentistry. A general dentist also gives the same care to its patients. On top of that, this dentist open on Saturday/s provides dental emergency care.
  3. While a family dentist specializes in any age group, general dentists focus on a specific age group. The advantage with family dentists is that they can be a one-stop shop for all the dental needs of a family with kids and seniors. But, a general dentist in London can be a good choice such that he can perform his expertise thoroughly to certain patients.

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