Types Of Cosmetic Teeth Surgery

Patients turn to cosmetic teeth surgery to achieve perfect smiles with white and straight set of teeth. This modern technique in dentistry has helped a lot of patients restore their self-confidence.

It is now easy to perform “smile makeovers” with the following dental cosmetic procedures.  

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most basic and least expensive way for dentists in London Ontario to improve teeth discoloration. It’s usually done at the clinic since the dentist needs to scrape off plaque and tartar first. Patients can also do this at home with a whitening toothpaste or whitestrips.


Dentists use another type of material for cosmetic teeth surgery called veneers. These are customized tooth shells that eliminate teeth gaps, cracks, and fix breakage. The dentist uses a dental adhesive to attach dental veneers perfectly over the fractured tooth.


Dental bonding is also one method to improve chipped and broken tooth. Dentists in London Ontario apply a resin material over the affected tooth. He then molds and hardens the material to imitate a perfect tooth in shape and color.


Dentists consider dental crowns as cosmetics as they function to cover up a badly decayed tooth. It can be a resin, ceramic or porcelain material to match a tooth’s natural appearance.

Inlays and onlays

This kind of cosmetic teeth surgery is an alternative to crowns provided that there is damage on the tooth cusps. It doesn’t cover an entire tooth but just parts of it that are affected, making the teeth look good as new.


With missing teeth issues, dentists in London Ontario replace them with dental implants. Implants are in a form of tiny titanium screws that become a foundation or hold for the replacement tooth.

Dental cosmetic procedures don’t limit to the list above. Find out more about your options for a brighter smile at Stoney Creek Family Dental.

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