How To Repair Cavities With Tooth Fillings

Tooth cavity is one of the common dental problems patients face due to inconsistent oral hygiene habits. When you miss a day to brush your teeth or floss them, you can easily accumulate decay-causing bacteria.

There are options on how to repair cavities and you shouldn’t hesitate to get the treatment. However, if dental procedures worry you, it’s better to follow your dentist’s advice on how to prevent cavities.

How do you prevent cavities?

Regular oral hygiene practice is a top prevention routine from cavity. It’s advisable to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Your London Ontario dentist adds that flossing and gargling can help in cleaning and flushing bad food contents like acid.

It also helps if you watch what you eat. Try to limit eating foods that contain sugar and starch as they’re bad for your teeth when not thoroughly removed.

It’s better to know how to avoid than how to repair cavities. Teeth cleaning can prevent you from dental issues and huge expenses while cavity treatment can be expensive and painful.  

How to repair cavities with tooth fillings?

Dentists can treat cavities with dental fillings. The first thing that the London Ontario dentist does before the procedure is to numb your gums with anesthesia. After that, he will clean your decayed tooth using a dental drill. The dentist’s assistant will be there to clear the tooth residues and saliva using a dental suction and saliva ejector.

If you’re familiar with how to repair cavities, you’d know this is the part where your dentist applies the dental filling. White or composite fillings are commonly used as they match the natural color of your teeth. But, you can choose any filling material, like gold if you prefer.

Ask your London Ontario dentist what dental filling best suits you!

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