London Dentist: How Do You Know if Your Tooth is Impacted?

When a tooth is impacted, it means the tooth itself hasn’t completely emerged from one’s jaw or gums. In certain scenarios, the tooth could end up growing in a different or wrong angle. This can have a negative alignment effect on the surrounding teeth and may lead to complications.

Those with Impacted Teeth London Ontario should get dental treatment if they feel they’re dealing with an issue. Detecting an impacted tooth in the early stage gives one options in resolving the issue, lessens discomfort, and curbs other harmful effects caused by impaction.

Visit the Dentist

A dentist with the skill, experience, and knowledge will examine how one’s teeth are growing and will determine if there’s an issue. The dentist will inform the patient if a tooth couldn’t be seen above the gums or if the tooth itself has emerged partially.

The dentist will also be taking X-rays to see the structure of the bone found under the gums. Not only will this help if the tooth is impacted, but it’ll also showcase such tooth growth can have an impact on one’s smile.

Spot the Symptoms

Here are some symptoms of an impacted tooth that one should be pay attention to:

  • Sensitivity or pain felt around the jaw and gums.

  • An unpleasant taste whenever one is biting down.

  • Bad breath.

  • Gums that appear swollen.

  • Headaches or jaw pain that recurs.

  • Difficulty in opening one’s mouth.

Secondary Signs

If one experiences any or some the mentioned symptoms and decides to delay treatment, one will likely develop secondary signs of impacted tooth. These discouraging signs include tooth decay, extensive infection, misaligned teeth, and cysts on the gum tissue.

No one wants to go through the added discomfort, so it’s a better idea to treat the problem sooner with the help of a London Dentist.

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