Dental Crown: An Option for Fractured Tooth Treatment

There are many factors that lead to a chipped off or fractured tooth. You might have accidentally fallen and hit your face, or your tooth has decayed. One treatment option that the London Ontario dental clinic uses to help patients with a fractured tooth is to use dental crowns.

The dentist chooses dental crown as a treatment option when a large part of your tooth is fractured. The dental crown is bonded to the fractured tooth to restore your smile and strengthen your tooth. Permanent dental crowns can be made using metal, porcelain and metal, resin, and ceramic.

Here’s how dental crowns are made for fractured tooth treatment in two dental appointments:

First visit

The dentist examines the fractured tooth to see if tooth filling is necessary before taking a tooth impression. If the fractured tooth is weak, tooth filling is necessary to strengthen your tooth to hold the dental crown. Next, the impression is forwarded to the dental laboratory to craft a permanent crown. The dentist gives you a temporary crown to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is completed. The London Ontario dental clinic performs this procedure in about 45 minutes.  

Second visit

After about three weeks, your permanent crown is ready on your next visit. The dentist injects local anesthesia to ensure you feel comfortable during the fractured tooth treatment. Next, the dentist removes the temporary crown, fits the permanent crown and see if your bite is unaffected. If no adjustments are needed, the dentist cements the permanent crown to the tooth with a dental glue. The treatment can be done in 30 minutes. You may feel some discomfort, soreness or sensitivity for a short while after the anesthesia wears off.

The London Ontario dental clinic accepts patients with fractured tooth and the staff helps you explore other treatment options too.

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