How is Zoom Whitening Done for Stained Teeth Treatment?

Your teeth get stained with drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and even smoking. With advanced cosmetic dentistry, you can have a sparkly white teeth again with zoom whitening. Most patients choose zoom whitening for visibly whiter teeth after one dental appointment, without their teeth structures changed. The dental clinic in London Ontario offers zoom whitening to its patients. The dentist evaluates if you have healthy teeth and gums to see whether zoom whitening suits you. The dentist may recommend that you undergo this whitening treatment prior to having veneers or crowns, or after braces removal. After you agree with your dentist on undergoing zoom whitening, a regular dental cleaning is performed before the stained teeth treatment.

What is zoom whitening?

Zoom whitening is an in-office teeth bleaching process in a dental clinic in London Ontario which uses zoom advanced power lamp. The lighting breaks down hydrogen peroxide, allowing the oxygen to enter into the enamel and the dentin to whiten your teeth.

The procedure for stained teeth treatment

  1. The dentist prepares the patient for zoom whitening by exposing the patient’s teeth well, covering the lips and the gums.
  2. The dentist puts a whitening gel with hydrogen peroxide to all visible teeth of the patient. bnm
  3. The dental chair is set at 30 degrees and the dentist places the lamp head in the patient’s smile area.
  4. Then the lamp is turned on for 15 minutes to break down hydrogen peroxide, so it penetrates and breaks teeth discoloration.
  5. The cycle of putting the whitening gel and the 15-minute lighting is repeated three times for the entire procedure.

After 45 minutes, a gel rich in fluoride is applied to the patient’s teeth to reduce sensitivity. The dental clinic in London Ontario also applies this gel before and after the procedure to manage teeth sensitivity.

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