The Real Deal About 6 Possible Lumineers Teeth Side Effects

Growing up with a crooked smile must have been difficult for you. Just like everyone with malocclusion, any misalignment between the teeth can make you stand out like a sore thumb. However, thanks to porcelain veneers, you can finally achieve the smile that you’ve always wanted to have. Yet, do any undesirable effects such as Lumineers teeth side effects exist?

What are Lumineers veneers?

Dental Lumineers provide a similar function with porcelain veneers. However, the former is less invasive. The dentist does not need to do any changes with the original tooth which gives the patient the option to keep most of his natural enamel. It uses thin porcelain shells that’s bonded to the exterior of the teeth providing the patient with a more desirable appearance. Conversely, did you know that cosmetic teeth veneers problems can happen?

Potential Lumineers teeth side effects

Slight tooth sensitivity

The dentist needs to remove a portion of your enamel to place the veneers on your teeth. Bear in mind that dental appliances such as porcelain Lumineers take less of a patient’s tooth enamel. That’s why there is a chance that the patient may encounter slight tooth sensitivity. The mild sensitivity commonly occurs when a patient is enjoying his hot or cold beverages or foods.

Color inconsistencies

Various factors could affect the final color of your dental veneers. These factors are the color of the bonding substance, the hue of the underlying tooth, and the shade of the veneer. These could dictate how the Lumineers will look when they’re already attached to your teeth. Your dentist needs to carefully consider these three factors to avoid inconsistencies with your no-prep veneers and prevent any Lumineers teeth side effects. Moreover, there are a few types of dental veneers that may stain easily along the edges. Your dentist won’t be able to correct the color of the veneers once he completely attaches them.

Gum tissues’ response

The gum tissues don’t automatically adjust to any foreign material that you place in your teeth. That’s why it’s vital to expect that it may take some time for your gums to adjust to your dental veneers. There’s a chance that you may experience inflammation or discomfort in those soft tissues.

checking teeth in mirror

Overall discomfort

It may take a while for some patients to adjust once they have their cosmetic teeth veneers on. They may feel some mild discomfort on the first few days after placing them. Furthermore, they will also experience mild to no pain once the dental Lumineers procedure is complete. Meanwhile, patients who underwent cosmetic dentistry in London, Ontario can treat any tooth sensitivity with over-the-counter medication.

Overhanging veneers

Veneers with rough edges or those that overhang are another examples of Lumineers teeth side effects. This will result to damages on the exterior edges, including chipping and decay. Also, this makes the patient encounter problems in his daily oral hygiene routine, such as flossing. To avoid this, the dentist ensures that he places the Lumineers with accuracy and precision.

Veneer damage

Not every patient is a good candidate for this dental cosmetic option. For instance, patients who clench their teeth could weaken or even damage their dental veneers overtime. This damage may cause them to loosen or fall off right at once.

Although these are a few valuable pointers on the most common side effects of cosmetic teeth veneers, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Choosing the right dental appliance to help correct your crooked teeth allows you to achieve bright smiles that you’ve always wanted. It’s still best to speak with your dentist to know if you’re a candidate for Lumineers. If not, then there are other cosmetic dental procedures that promise to give you a beautiful, lasting smile.

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