6 Easy Ways To Make Your Partial Plate Dentures Last

Missing a few sets of teeth changes the way someone sees himself. It may affect his confidence, and how he presents himself to others. Luckily, patients nowadays have various options to replace their missing tooth, like having dentures. One of the types of dentures is called partial plate dentures.

What are partial plate dentures?

These consist of replacement teeth planted to a gum-colored plastic base. Unlike complete dentures, dentists use partial dentures to replace a single tooth or a couple of the patient’s teeth. Because of how patients easily take them out without any help from dental professionals, most people also call it removable dentures.

However, like everything else, dentures have a tendency to wear out over time because of regular use. Once it happens, a partial denture repair is a must. Nevertheless, you may be able to make it last longer with proper care.

Proper ways to manage your partial plate dentures?

Get the sink ready

Before you start cleaning, ensure that you fill the sink with water. Doing so will somehow reduce the force of the fall in case you accidentally drop it. Another alternative is a folded towel to help relieve the force coming from the drop. Having any of these ready will help prevent the partial plate dentures from getting damaged if you accidentally dropped it.

Use a mild soap

There are a few options that you may consider when cleaning your front teeth dentures. Some use a regular hand soap while others use a mild dishwashing liquid to clean it. You may also use a cleaning tablet while you soak your dentures in water. This will help remove any light stains and even loosen any plaque buildup. It’s always best to ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instruction for further assistance. Reading the manual will also prevent any need for a partial denture repair.

Rinse it thoroughly

You may also clean your maxillary partial denture by rinsing it off under warm water after every meal. Thus, helping you remove any loose food debris which causes plaque buildup. Avoid using boiling or excessively hot water to prevent it from getting deformed.

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Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

A regular toothbrush with hard bristles has a tendency to damage your partial plate dentures. So, it’s best to use a brush specially made for cleaning dentures. This type of toothbrush has bristles designed to fit the shape of your removable dentures. However, you may also use a soft-bristled toothbrush if it’s not available. You need to brush all the denture surfaces gently to avoid getting the plastic damaged.

Keep it moist

Partial dentures could easily deform if they are not kept moist. That’s why it’s essential to place the dentures in a glass of water or a soaking solution. Conversely, this method is not applicable to all types of dentures — especially those dental appliances with metal attachments. Soaking them in a solution tarnishes the metal, making it look unpretty. It’s best to ask your dentist for any recommendation on how to properly keep your dentures.

Never attempt to repair it

Attempting to perform a partial denture repair on your own severely damages your denture as well as your oral health. Using a denture that has an improper fitting may irritate your gums and cause some sores. Also, using denture adhesives that you see on the counter may contain harmful chemicals that may affect your dentures.

These are just a few of the things that you may want to consider when maintaining your dentures. You may also avail of the dental services in London, Ontario to have your dentures fixed. If you notice it no longer fits properly, has cracks or breaks, then it’s best to see your dentist. He’s able to make the necessary repairs or adjustments on the same day. However, any complicated repairs may require your dentist to send it to a dental laboratory to fix it.

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