What Preventive Services Does A Pediatric Dentist Do?

Praise your kids for a job well done! At their age, it’s still a challenge to follow routines. Let alone — teeth cleaning routines. Yet, they do it in the hopes to hear your praises and keep their teeth healthy. However, a pediatric dentist reminds parents that brushing their teeth alone doesn’t guarantee that bacteria are at bay.

Fortunately, dentists offer professional dental services to strengthen the protection on your kid’s teeth. It could be about time to introduce them to the family dentist to ensure their dental health. So, tag them along on your next dental visit. 

Preventive dentistry

A dentist in Stoney Creek Family Dental considers prevention as the best cure for any dental issue. He also believes that regular dental appointments could easily prevent most dental problems.

All things considered, this is why dentists practice the forms of preventive dentistry. Since it helps patients avoid cavities and gum diseases, there’s no need for complex dental treatments. Here are the preventive dental procedures that a pediatric dentist offers.  

Oral prophylaxis

A part of your kid’s regular dental visit is the professional teeth cleaning or oral prophylaxis. Unknown to many, there’s more to it than just mere cleaning. Oral prophylaxis, in layman’s terms, means prevention of oral diseases.

Having said this, the dentist in Stoney Creek Family Dental focuses in preventing dental problems. In order to do this, he removes plaque and tartar off your kid’s teeth. It requires professional scaling of the hardened calculus that reaches above the gum line. These are things that can’t be done with normal teeth brushing. Given these points, make sure your child sees his dentist right on schedule.

Pit and fissure sealant

Figure what those lines and tiny bumps on your teeth surface are? Those are the pits and fissures that helps in properly grinding and chewing your food. To understand its importance, your kid’s pediatric dentist explains it in a simple manner. These places have tiny spaces where toothbrush bristles can’t penetrate. Basically, it’s a weak spot for bacteria build-up resulting in tooth decay.

To keep food particles from being stuck in there, the dentist applies the dental sealant over your kid’s tooth. Furthermore, it’s an effective teeth protection that lasts long.

Fluoride treatment

The food that you eat and drink have fluoride contents. When your body absorbs fluoride elements, the cells use them to create your tooth enamel. As a matter of fact, it helps your teeth become durable and more resistant to acid. In like manner, dentists apply topical fluoride on your kid’s teeth to provide a tough shield from harmful food particles.

Space maintainer

While your child is growing up, his teeth erupts one at a time. To ensure that the teeth would have a correct occlusion, the dentist in Stoney Creek Family Dental recommends space maintainer. A lingual arch is one example of a space maintainer that’s made of wires and brackets and attached behind the teeth.

For the most part, preventive dentistry plays an essential role in your kid’s overall health. Stoney Creek Family Dental is the clinic that truly cares for each of your family member’s dental needs.

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