Uncommon Lumineers Teeth Side Effects You Need To Watch Out For

Dental Lumineers are an excellent choice for cosmetic reasons. Yet, there are Lumineers teeth side effects you need to be aware of.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers, also known as no-prep veneers are ultra-thin dental laminates which are directly bonded to the teeth. Due to their thinness, there’s no need to remove a portion of the teeth in placing these cosmetic teeth veneers over the teeth. They are durable to sustain chewing forces. They are made of porcelain or composite resin and dentists use these to address their patients’ cosmetic issues.

  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Deeply discolored teeth
  • Poorly aligned teeth
  • Teeth that are ill-shaped
  • Worn down teeth

While Lumineers promise an excellent result for a smile makeover, these dental laminates may not be for everyone. Your cosmetic dentist needs to check that you have healthy teeth and gums to undergo this treatment. Any sign of tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth infection must be dealt with first before any cosmetic procedure.

When you finally decide to have this treatment, choose to work with a cosmetic dentist who specializes in placing Lumineers. Ask for referrals about an expert in this field in order to avoid experiencing Lumineers teeth side effects. The success of the treatment highly relies on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist who will perform the procedure.

Uncommon Lumineers teeth side effects

Damaged Lumineers

Patients who habitually bite their nails or clench their teeth will potentially damage their Lumineers. No matter how durable, yet, these cosmetic teeth veneers also wear down with constant strong pressure.

Roughly edged Lumineers

Another uncommon side effect associated with this cosmetic treatment is when the patient can feel the rough edges of Lumineers. That’s why he needs to confer with the cosmetic dentist if everything feels comfortable when he bites or touches his teeth.

Inconsistency in color

One of the very rare Lumineers teeth side effects is an unmatching shade of teeth. Once the laminates are bonded to the teeth, their color can no longer be altered. That’s why an expert cosmetic dentist must consider three factors in choosing the shade for the Lumineers. These are the actual shade of Lumineers, the natural color of the treated tooth, and the shade of the bonding agent. When these factors are put into consideration, the color of Lumineers should match the patient’s natural teeth. As a result, he’s able to flash a beautiful smile with his cosmetic teeth veneers on.

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