Ceramic Dental Braces: An Alternative To Straighten Your Teeth

When you think about orthodontic treatment, the first thing that comes to mind are metal braces. However, orthodontists have found a discreet way to straighten your teeth through ceramic dental braces. These braces are made similarly with the traditional ones only that the clear brackets are made of ceramic or porcelain. With these materials, the clear braces may be tooth-colored so they blend well with your natural teeth. According to most ceramic braces reviews, this type of orthodontic treatment is less visible in photos.  

As you embark on a journey to straighter teeth using clear dental braces, follow these steps to properly maintain your braces.

Proper maintenance of ceramic dental braces

See your dentist regularly

In order for your ceramic dental braces treatment to be successful, you have to see your orthodontist once a month. He will take care of changing your ligatures and elastic bands as they are prone to wear and tear. Not to mention, this is necessary for your treatment to be on track. Your orthodontist constantly checks the movement of your teeth as the treatment progresses. Along with the straightening process, he will thoroughly clean your teeth especially those areas that are hard to reach.

Skip highly pigmented foods

One of the notable ceramic braces reviews is that patients would have to ditch eating food that may possibly taint their braces. Since they want their braces to be less noticeable, teeth stains are a big no-no. On rare occasions when patients can’t resist eating strawberries or drinking soda, they must immediately brush their teeth after. This kind of discipline helps not to leave stains on their ceramic dental braces.

Strictly maintain an oral care regimen

Now that you’re wearing a dental appliance, an extra effort of caring for your teeth is a must. Brushing after meals and using a special floss meant for braces should be part of your daily oral care routine. Sure, you don’t want any food residue to be lurking in between your teeth, ligatures, and brackets, right? It’s a lot of work, however, you will get used to this routine until your orthodontic treatment is complete.

Quit smoking

Based on the ceramic braces reviews, patients who still smoke while undergoing teeth alignment spend more time cleaning their teeth. On one hand, orthodontists explained that smoking does not promote healthy gums, invites more plaque, and stains the ceramic braces. Without healthy gums and clean mouth, the orthodontic treatment period would take a longer time than usual. That’s why orthodontists strongly recommend patients to stop smoking during the treatment and maybe for good.

Realigning your teeth using ceramic braces is worth every effort in order to have a better smile. See your London, Ontario dentist today and ask how you can achieve your smile goals.

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