Best Practices In Caring For Your Partial Plate Dentures

Missing tooth should not be ignored. After all, there are endless missing tooth replacements that your dentist would be eager to discuss with you. One of these options are partial plate dentures. They are removable missing teeth replacements that are attached to gum-colored bases.

More often, dentists use a metal framework to connect partial dentures to a gum-like base. However, for aesthetics, sometimes they use composite connectors so the dentures appear more natural. Another option would be using precision attachments so the partial dentures are directly attached to the neighboring natural teeth.

Partial dentures are prone to damage just like your natural teeth. That’s why, dental services in London, Ontario include partial denture repair. Yet, there are many ways you can care for your dentures to extend their longevity, and avoid needing denture repairs real soon.

Routinary care for your partial plate dentures

Brush partial plate dentures using a denture brush

Food particles get stuck between your partial plate dentures, brush them daily. Avoid using a regular toothbrush with hard bristles; instead, use a denture brush as recommended by your dentist. A denture brush has soft bristles that’s easy on your prosthetic teeth so it doesn’t diminish the material.

Don’t use toothpaste when cleaning dentures

Toothpaste is too abrasive that will cause your dentures to thin as well. You may use hand soap or dishwashing liquid in cleaning your dentures. Remember to wash thoroughly with running water.

Handle dentures with care

Your partial dentures could easily crack or break if you drop them accidentally. So be extra careful when removing and cleaning your dentures to avoid taking them to a lab for a partial denture repair. It would be best if you laid your dentures on top of a small washcloth to avoid it from slipping.

Regularly visit your dentist

Having a regular appointment with your dentist helps you manage your oral care better. This is rather necessary when you start wearing dental prosthetics such as partial plate dentures. He will check your dentures and see if there are any fitting issues that may disrupt your gums or other teeth.

Soak partial dentures overnight

Your partial dentures always come in contact with the neighboring teeth and gums. It is strongly recommended that you remove your dentures before sleeping to allow your gums and to breathe and rest. When you’re not wearing your partial dentures, it’s best that you soak them overnight with warm water. Never use hot water as it damages the material which will shorten the lifespan of your dentures. Surely, you don’t want to need partial denture repair every now and then.

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