5 Easy Steps For A Complete Root Canal Recovery

When a patient’s tooth is infected within the pulp, it needs immediate treatment to avoid an extraction. An endodontist carries out a root canal treatment to remove the infection from the pulp to save the tooth. In most cases, this treatment or therapy is done within two dental visits. The first trip is focused on treatment while the second visit is on tooth restoration. The patient needs a full root canal recovery several days following the endodontic treatment to avoid the risk of infection. 

5 steps for a complete root canal recovery 

It’s important that you follow the post-care instructions from your root canal specialist. Here are five easy steps so you can fully recover from the root canal treatment. 

Avoid adding pressure on the treated tooth

The treatment entails accessing your tooth pulp in order to remove the roots, clean and disinfect before putting them back. This leaves a hole in your tooth and it’s only protected and covered with temporary dental fillings. Hence, it’s vulnerable to chip or break if you chew on hard or sticky food using that tooth. To fast track your recuperating period, please refrain from doing so at the moment. 

Take your medication

Pain is commonly associated with patients who went through this procedure. Your endodontist has given you a list of medication that you can take to aid in your root canal recovery. Follow his instructions to eliminate the risk of root canal infection. 

Have a permanent dental crown

Dental filling materials are only temporary and not a good long term option for tooth restoration. Have your dental impression taken during your first appointment so they can fabricate your tooth crown in the laboratory. Once the permanent crown is ready for placement, your root canal specialist will set up your second appointment. A dental crown fully restores the tooth while it prevents recontamination or sensitivity. 

Practice great oral care

Poor oral hygiene is one of the leading causes of tooth infection. Hence, after your root canal therapy, you must practice excellent oral care moving forward. Brushing, flossing, and swishing with mouthwash should be part of your daily oral regimen. 

Regularly visit your dentist

Seeing your dentist weeks after the therapy is a must so he can monitor your root canal recovery. Moreover, having a regular dental checkup and professional dental cleaning is necessary because your tooth restoration needs maintenance. This way, you might no longer need another complex dental procedure. 

Have a root canal therapy in London, Ontario so you don’t have to suffer from tooth infection anymore. See a root canal specialist and learn about his treatment plan for you. 

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