The 5 Benefits Of Invisalign Braces In Ontario

Invisalign braces are a set of clear aligners made to close teeth gaps and fix crooked or misaligned teeth. Unlike metal braces, these aligners look like dental guards that snugly fit into the patient’s teeth. Furthermore, they gently move and position the patient’s teeth without using annoying wires. Actually, they are made from clear and thermoplastic materials, making them the new invisible braces

The benefits of wearing Invisalign braces 

Designed for convenience

Dentists require patients to wear Invisalign braces at least 22 hours a day. During the free hours, patients can remove them for mealtime or teeth cleaning. Without the bulky metal brackets, there’s also freedom to brush and floss the teeth easily. Hence, it’s more convenient for patients to eat and clean their teeth afterward. 

Decrease the risk of gum disease

Since patients are able to exercise proper oral care, the risk of developing gum disease during the treatment is reduced. As opposed to wearing dental brackets, the accumulation of plaque with clear aligners is unlikely. When gums remain healthy, the progress of teeth movement is relatively fast. In effect, the target orthodontic treatment period is achieved.

Develop self-confidence

In most cases, patients who wear traditional dental braces have difficulty mingling with others. They are too shy to smile because of their “metal mouth”. On the contrary, patients who wear new invisible braces feel confident to smile especially in public. Their photos showcase their confident smiles because the aligners are invisible. 

Digitally modeled to provide comfort

Invisalign is gaining popularity over traditional braces because of the comfort it offers. Behind this success, dentists use 3D technology to design clear plastic aligners treatment plan. The teeth movement can be horizontal, vertical, or in a slight rotation. The aligners’ smooth edges don’t cause discomfort to the patient while teeth are straightened. Moreover, patients no longer experience developing mouth sores compared to when they have metal braces. 

Digital scanning for an easy treatment plan

The treatment planning of Invisalign braces does not involve an invasive or uncomfortable procedure. Taking of dental impressions to create Invisalign is made easy with digital scanning. What’s more, digital technology enables more precision in crafting the aligners. Patients and dentists already see the end result of how many aligners are needed for the whole duration of the treatment. 

It’s time to wear those new invisible braces for better teeth alignment. Choose Invisalign in London, Ontario! 

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