Boost Your Confidence with Zoom Instant Teeth Whitening

Every year, you look forward to attending all the social events in your calendar; weddings, birthday parties, and holidays. You want to make sure that you can throw that bright smile and be camera-ready always. Yet, teeth stains are inevitable as you age. Smoking, drinking coffee, tea, and wine leave stains on your teeth that are hard to remove even when you brush your teeth twice a day. 

As the social events are fast approaching, you’re willing to do everything just to achieve that perfect smile. You don’t need to worry because there’s an instant teeth whitening solution to give you a brand new and brighter smile. Experience an instant smile makeover through Zoom teeth whitening with your London dentist.  

Zoom instant teeth whitening 

One of the most effective ways to remove stains from your teeth is through the Zoom whitening system. It uses the right amount of hydrogen peroxide as bleaching gel to whiten teeth beneath the enamel. The secret behind this whitening system is the use of Zoom Advanced Chairside Lamp that emits laser light to your smile area. The light activates the hydrogen peroxide to speed up the teeth whitening process. In just one hour, you will leave the dental office with whiter teeth up to eight times lighter than the original shade. Isn’t that an amazing solution? 

At this point, you’re already thinking of booking an appointment to see your London dentist today. Yet, at the back of your mind, you’re also thinking that it may be too good to be true. Well, the results don’t lie when you check before and after images on the dental office’s website. What you can do is to make sure that you entrust your smile to a reputable cosmetic dentist. You know you have found the right dental professional when you read the excellent reviews from his or her patients. 

Other teeth whitening options 

Take-home teeth whitening system

An in-office teeth whitening treatment may not suit your busy lifestyle, and so you prefer to do it in your free time at home. No problem! Your cosmetic dentist is ready to help you achieve whiter teeth at your own pace. Instead of using laser light to whiten teeth, the cosmetic dentist designs a custom-made dental tray for you. Your smile specialist uses the mouth tray, pours out a carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel onto it before you put it in your mouth. The custom-fitted tray is designed so the gel only touches your teeth’s surface, not your gums. The cosmetic dentist gives you specific instructions on the mixture and the amount of time you will wear the tray to whiten your teeth. In two weeks, your teeth get whiter and your smile will never be the same. 

Teeth whitening products 

how to repair cavities

If you need an instant smile booster without undergoing any types of teeth whitening treatments, over-the-counter products are now within your reach. You can easily purchase products such as teeth whitening pens, whitening gel, and toothpaste online. However, you must also make sure that these are safe and effective for you before you use them on your teeth. Each product contains different ingredients that may be harmful if not used or applied correctly. Ask your cosmetic dentist in London, Ontario about trusted teeth whitening products that you can safely use. Your smile specialist would be very happy to walk you through on how to use it effectively. 

Keep your teeth whiter even after the treatment

Consume foods that clean your teeth

You may be wondering why your parents taught you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables when you were young. Did you know that consuming them not only makes your body healthy? They help clean your teeth too! Crisp fruits and vegetables such as apples, strips of celery, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and pears are teeth cleaners. These healthy food choices also act as “scrubbers” of remaining food particles that form plaque when left on your teeth and gums. So, at your next dinner party, never pass on the salad again. Make sure to munch on any of these teeth cleaners after you enjoy all the other good stuff.  

Don’t neglect personal oral care

Keeping your teeth squeaky clean is not just your dentist’s job. How you care for your teeth every day matters the most. You need to brush, floss, and use a mouth rinse daily to help keep plaque and cavities at bay. It’s vital that you avoid plaque build-up on your teeth’s surfaces because they become harder to remove. Over time, they leave a yellowish tint on your teeth. You may need to undergo another teeth whitening treatment sooner than you think. When you diligently observe these proper oral habits, it has a great impact on your overall health. 

Make use of baking soda

To you, baking soda may just be another ingredient for your favourite pastries. Yet, this powerful powder can do wonders for your teeth! You can use baking soda as your toothpaste and mouthwash. To brush your teeth with it, mix with water to form a paste and apply it on your teeth surfaces using your toothbrush. Leave it on for one minute and rinse thoroughly after. It whitens your teeth the natural way. Since baking soda has abrasive properties, you can use this technique for at least once every two weeks. For mouthwash, mix it with warm water and swish it for 30 seconds. Surprisingly, baking soda kills bacteria in your mouth, giving you healthier teeth and fresher breath. 

Commit to your dental appointments

dental cleaning

Dental health professionals are trained to care for your teeth. They have advanced digital equipment to help assess your current oral health. They want to know where you’re at so they can provide professional advice on how you can maintain optimal dental health. After the dental checkup, dentists also clean your teeth well and remove tartar buildup especially on hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. So, stay committed to meeting your dentist at least twice in one year and let him do what he does best.

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