Why You Need a Dental Checkup Appointment in London Ontario

Patients who practice good oral hygiene could still possibly miss a spot after cleaning their teeth. That’s why a regular dental checkup appointment in London Ontario is essential to maintain a spotless and squeaky clean teeth.  regularly will help you achieve a spotless and squeaky clean set of teeth.

Importance of Regular Dental Checkup

Here are more reasons for you to book that dental appointment with a Stoney Creek Family Dental hygienist:

1. Prevent bacteria build-up

Despite regular brushing of your teeth, there are hard to reach areas in your mouth that may not be easily accessible by a toothbrush. These hard to reach areas have bacteria that leads to plaque buildup. Once plaque hardens, this will become hard to remove by merely using a toothbrush. If these are not removed, plaque turns into tartar, causing pain in the teeth. Prevent these dental issues, go for a regular dental checkup appointment in London Ontario.

2. Detect possible serious dental problems

The dentist suggests that dental check-ups can save you from oral cancer. This life-threatening disease develops in the body without showing signs until the later stages. Seeing your Stoney Creek Family Dental hygienist regularly means a high chance of early detection.

Thanks to VELscope, detection of oral cancer is now quick and painless. Its special blue light can easily scan tumor signs like dead tissues beneath the patient’s gums.

3. Save on cost

If you’re worried that your dental checkup appointment in London Ontario will only cost you more, consider its long term-effect. Regular dental checkups prevent severe dental issues, thus saving money for more expensive and complicated dental procedures. Dental check-ups, oral prophylaxis, teeth scaling and planing are far more affordable than root canal treatments and dental fillings.

Prevent severe dental issues and unwanted expenses from emergency dental procedures. Have a regular dental check-up with your Stoney Creek Family Dental hygienist at least twice a year.

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