What To Do After Getting Traditional Braces In South Wenige Drive

Cheers to your new braces! You’re a step closer to achieving your perfect smile. Traditional braces in South Wenige Drive are effective because they have been perfected through time. Ensuring that you follow your dentist’s advice regarding the treatment greatly contributes to its success.

Consult your dentist near London Ontario regarding orthodontic aftercare to ensure that you take care of your braces.

Before Leaving the Clinic

Here’s how to make sure that you make the most out of your braces. These steps will make the treatment process pleasant and efficient.

  1. Check your teeth and the metal wires of the brackets after your traditional braces in South Wenige Drive are placed in your teeth. Using your tongue, feel the edges of the wires and brackets if they are sharp. If your teeth are extra sensitive and the edges are sharp, let the dentist re-examine it.
  2. Your dentist might suggest for you to wear palatal expanders as this aligns and adjusts your occlusal. Ensure when and how long you are required to have them. It might give you difficulties with your speaking, eating and cleaning if you use them for a long time.
  3. Ask your dentist near London Ontario for cleaning methods and techniques. Aside from that, consider changing to a soft-bristled toothbrush so you avoid breaking or bending the wires. Prevent further complications by using fluoride toothpaste as it helps the tooth from decay.
  4. Your mouth may feel sore after a few days, which is pretty normal when you’ve just had your  traditional braces in South Wenige Drive. But, you don’t have to endure it as dentists can prescribe painkillers. You can medicate for a few days until you get accustomed to feeling your teeth’s realignment.

Don’t hesitate to raise your concerns about your orthodontic treatment with a dentist near London Ontario. After all, your safety and your smile is what matters most.

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