Uncommon Lumineers Teeth Side Effects You Need To Watch Out For

Dental Lumineers are an excellent choice for cosmetic reasons. Yet, there are Lumineers teeth side effects you need to be aware of. What are Lumineers? Lumineers, also known as no-prep veneers are ultra-thin dental laminates which are directly bonded to the teeth. Due to their thinness, there’s no need to remove a portion [...]

2019-06-11T15:11:24+00:00 June 15th, 2019|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Care, General Dentistry|0 Comments

Avoid These Mistakes When You’re Wearing A Dental Invisalign

No one wants to show their crooked teeth whenever they flash a smile. That's why most patients prefer to wear their dental Invisalign to align their teeth without the "metal cruncher" look. It is an excellent alternative to traditional braces for teeth realignment. However, just like everything else, proper maintenance is a must [...]

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